The Intercepter security and tracking systems use advanced state-of-the-art technology that includes innovative protection features such as cellular radiofrequency jammer notification. The Intercepter systems include the M-LINK technology, a revolutionary multifunction process that enables the monitoring centre to transmit telematic commands to and receive status information from the module.

Features available with Intercepter systems (some options may only be available with specific Intercepter models):
  • M-LINK tracking system by cellular communication
  • M-LINK tracking system by cellular and GPS communication
  • Vehicle locating and positioning request
  • Monitoring centre with live attendants
  • Instant theft detection
  • Identification of the triggered zone
  • Protection device against cellular radio frequency jammers (Anti-Jam)
  • Siren with back-up battery
  • Remote electromechanical starter-kill circuit
  • Automatic deactivation of valet mode
  • Remote emergency button (without monitoring)
  • Monitoring of the vehicle's battery status
  • Activation of flashers and horn in case of pursuit and localization
  • Vehicle perimeter lock by geophysical barrier (geofencing)
  • Detection feature against doors and hood opening
  • Impact detector against vandalism and towing
  • Monitored emergency button available upon special request

Available Teleplus telematic services:
  • Vehicle locating and positioning request
  • Vehicle remote starting
  • Valet mode activation and deactivation
  • Remote door locking and unlocking
  • Security system activation and deactivation
  • Remote trunk opening

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