Ottawa Viper Alarms

Viper electronic systems are designed to enhance and protect your vehicle investment. They offer unparallaled quality and are covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty. For the best operating range, Viper has the Super High Frequency (SHF) systems. Each unit features Clone-Safe 66-bit Super Code Hopping for absolute immunity from code grabbers, with 18 quintillion rolling codes. Customize your alarm to add extra features; unlock your doors, pop the trunk, vent power windows, open the sunroof or start the engine. For Viper recreational vehicle security systems, click here.

Compustar The development of 900MHz technology with High Speed Data Transfer and Spread Spectrum has resulted in unmatched performance and signal reliability. These modulation techniques were engineered to help eliminate interference and increase the transmitting/receiving distance up to 6000 feet.

Autostart Autostart's mission is to become the premier manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-quality remote control convenience products for the 12-volt market in North America. In their quest to be the best, they have pioneered the development of some of the industry's most advanced and easy-to-install interface units, making it possible to install an Autostart system on just about any vehicle.

PolarStart PolarStart is a full featured car alarm which includes some of these features: pager transmitter remote, glass mounted antenna/receiver, dual stage shock sensor, protected valet switch. They also have intergrated optional features including remote keyless entry system, starter disable anti-theft system, remote power trunk release, ignition controlled door lock/unlock and passive or active door locks.

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